ASTRONOMY - Southern California:

Worked with longtime friend and musical collaborator Eric for many years…, gigging, writing and experimenting with various degrees of live and studio music environments.  Strong Classic Rock and growing Progressive Rock foundations permitted us to develop our direction towards what would evolve into ASTRONOMY.

There were various drummers along the way, who assisted during our journey towards Jim.  The first rehearsal  with J was an amazing experience I’ll never forget.  The Trio became the foundation and direction of my music from that day forward.

Countless rehearsals, writing sessions, play backs, vocal sessions and Trio improvisational sessions quickly provided multiple song platforms which were shaped into the various finished compositions.

Sessions at Rudy Guess Studios captured the primary tracks which provided six of the seven compositions selected for the release.

Associate Mr. John Dibernardo was invited to cover lead vocals.

The next step was to schedule sessions at TRIAD Studios in Seattle.  The sessions went well and the final tracks were completed.

(*) Spirit - fully recorded at TRIAD (credit: J. Dibernardo)

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Bass, Drum and GTR tracks were all live recordings from start to finish.  No multi track punch in/punch out for this Trio.  After Jim clicked in the tempo with the sticks, we were off and running…, playing pure live tracks for each of the compositions.  I believe that enhanced the intensity and energy driving each of the tracks.    

I am very thankful for the hard work and talent that J and E brought to the project.  I was truly inspired and hope my playing reflected the challenges they presented myself along the way.


Instruments and Gear utilized during the ASTRONOMY sessions:

1983 Electra X-185

1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom

19?? Gibson ES-1275

1985 classical guitar (amazing – I’ll have to post a photo...)

1987 Fender ‘64 Reissue Vintage Custom Build Stratocaster

1974 Fender Stratocaster

Other Gear
ART SGX2000 + X-15 Pedal Board // Rock Man rackmount system // Roland RE-150 Space Echo // Morley custom re-wired PWB // Ernie Ball volume pedal // D’Addario 10-46 // 1.14mm picks

(*) rig direct to the board (no amplification…)








ASTRONOMY - Southern California:

Astronomy is the only music I've been involved with where I have been encouraged to understand music as an entire statement of the foundational parts.

This afforded a different way in which to express key melodies through the bass.
Its really the personnel together that makes Astronomy music

The name we call ourselves pretty much dares us to push what this group could musically do.

Always,  we want listeners to enjoy what they hear. But, Astronomy music has a sonic element capable of taking the listener somewhere beyond just listening.

Somewhere else entirely.


Gear List

1992 Carvin LB 75 'Mona' 5 string.
2012 Schecter SS5 'Beck' 5 string.
1999 Custom AP6  'Alma' 6 string.

Chromatic Foot Bass
Moog Minitaur.
Keith Mcmillen 12 Step.

Triggered Keyboards
M Audio Oxygen 49 controller.
Korg legacy suite.
Hammond B3.
M 400.

Line 6 G 30.

Line 6 X3 Live.

Mackie FR 1400i Stereo.

2 Warwick WCA 411 Pro 4 ohm.






ASTRONOMY - Southern California:

I really enjoyed my 4 year contributions to Astronomy on Drums, Percussion, Sequencing, and some Backing VOX.  Oh yes….almost forgot…. I also played the Electric Generator! SHE was best known as Gennie.

We used to rehearse on mountain tops powered by our 3K Watt electric generator……………Ummmm……………. and WHY NOT! Southern CA boasts mostly perfect weather, so why be cooped up in a sweaty rehearsal studio for hours. I feel this outdoor environment not only contributed to the most “Tan Band in LA…3 years running”, but also to Astronomy’s creative songwriting and inspiration. One evening we actually played under the stars! (Doesn’t get more Astronom-ical than that!). We played some great LA venues back then such as the iconic Whiskey-A-Go-Go, The Roxy, and Gazzarri’s on the Sunset strip. We recorded our 1 and only CD which was self-backed, self-funded and thereby, we enjoyed “self-success”! I immensely enjoyed those times with my 2 brothers in music, their families, and our dedicated base of fans!!! We 3 are all close friends to this day!

GEAR: Custom made drums by Sky Longo of Los Angeles CA,
Avedis Zildjian, Sabian, and Paiste cymbals, sheet metal, bells, and Crotale (yes just 1)

ANIMATION – A Tribute to Rush: Chicago, IL

Disclaimer: Ok so I ONLY play for bands that start with the letter A!! I know, it’s very weird (I also played with Architect in LA prior to Astronomy!!). What’s next…………ASS-CLOWNS??

Being band-less in early 2003, I was looking in the newspaper for a good progressive-rock band to go sit and watch one weekend. Listed in the Illinois Entertainer Magazine is this band Animation - A Tribute to Rush. However, they had no shows scheduled?? I then check and see their website also lists them on a “hiatus”. SO, being the Rush-Freak drummer I am, I sent a note asking the Guitarist and Bassist, “if BY CHANCE, the Drummer quit, please call me, as I have been playing Rush on drums since my youth”. Sure enough that was the case. We proceeded to play quite a few clubs in the beginning, and eventually landed some opening concerts for National acts such as The Doobies, Heart, Frampton, STYX, Asia, and even RUSH (well ….sort of).

GEAR: Custom made drums by Sky Longo of Los Angeles CA,
Avedis Zildjian, Sabian, and Paiste cymbals, Roland
SPD-20 drum unit and MP3 sequencer

2016+ (Current Day):

I now own a set of Pearl vintage drums and enjoy jamming with friends, family and my musical kids from time to time. I also like recording, and am planning to beef up my studio a bit in that regard. (Maybe some remote recording with Astronomy in the future?)